You have Questions…,

How about some answers…?

Over the years a lot of things have changed, except the questions I get asked over and over.

So let’s take a few minutes and go over the most commonly asked questions!

1) What happens when I sell to an Investor vs an Agent?

Let’s see, 1- No commissions or costs to you!
2- You know Exactly how much you’re going to receive come closing time!
3- It’s much Faster than using an Agent
4- No updating or repair costs!

2) How do I get paid?

Simple, you get a check from the Title Company for the amount we agreed to in
the contract. Now I may decide to close on the property myself or choose to
sell the contract to another Investor, but the beauty of it is…, it doesn’t matter
because you receive the same amount, either way, the amount stated in the contract!
It all starts by filling out some information, here

3) How long is this going to take?
While every situation is different, but in general, closing takes about 2 weeks and at
end of closing, you have a check in your hands! It can be done faster, but the average
is about 2 weeks.

4) Are all Investors alike?
In one word NO!
Here is an example of what happens when you work with me.

Let’s create a scenario for our example. You have just inherited a house from your Grandparent, the house needs paint both inside and out, windows, and updates to the kitchen and bath. You contact me. So first we’ll go over the basic information, are there any loans against the property or is the house “free and clear”? Are you wanting to sell the house as-is? Need to sell ASAP?

The first course of business is for me to walk through the house and make sure we’ re on the same page. Next, I will figure out what the house will be worth after the paint, remodel and windows are completed.  This is commonly referred to as the ARV or after repair value. Then I will estimate the cost of the updates and
repairs and make you an offer to buy the house. We agree to the dollar amount and, I fill out a Sales Contract and we both sign. I will then take that Contract the Title Company and open escrow!

Now I may opt to close on the property myself or I may choose to sell the Contract to another Investor. The beauty of it is that you get paid the exact same amount either way, so it doesn’t matter who closes on the house. No matter who closes on the property,  you get the amount stated in the Contract!

The Title Company takes care of all the paperwork, any past due Taxes everything needed is Done For You! Typically you will have a Cashiers Check in your hand from the Title Company within 2 weeks. You don’t have to pay for any repairs or even empty out the house, nothing! Everything is taken care of for you!

Bottom line is, you can be rid of that unwanted property, no repairs, no trips to the dump, and most importantly no money out of your pocket. You can have a check in your hands in two weeks for the Full Amount stated in the Contract!

It just doesn’t get any easier than that! You sell your house  Fast for Cash, As- Is and Close Quickly

You can Trust D.I.N.Property Solutions, to treat you right!

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