Selling a House Without a Realtor

Do you find yourself thinking about selling a house and not using an Agent?

Have you heard the myths that are out there about selling a house without using a Real Estate Agent?

#1: Everybody knows that there are only two ways to see a house!

1. Use a Real Estate Agent
2. Sell the House yourself (FSBO)


1.When you use an Agent to sell your House

Is it in your best interests to have a Real Estate Agent sell your house? A high percentage of people believe their Agent will go the extra mile for them and get their house sold. Unfortunately, Real Estate Agents have more than one house at their disposal and will more than likely put the majority of their efforts into selling the highest priced properties first so they can make the most $ they can for themselves!

What is the cost to You of using an Agent? Well, first and most obvious cost out of your pocket is that 6% commission! Just incase your not good with #’s, 6% of a $100,000.00 house = $6000.00 dollars! You might be thinking that the Six Thousand Dollars would look better in your pocket, and I’d have to agree! That doesn’t even take into account all the other additional costs involved. What about the possibility of having to do Repairs or Repainting before even getting your house put “on the Market”! AKA-more $ out of your pocket! That is, of course, taking for granted that you have the money to do these updates. Even if you do all the updates it doesn’t mean that the property is going to sell immediately! The Real Estate market constantly with the Avg. DOM ( days on market ) can be up to 60 days. Let’s not forget about the Carrying Costs -more $ out of your pocket! Can you really afford to lose all that Time and Money?

Option #2. Selling the House /Property yourself (FSOB)

Now that we’ve gone over what selling that house involves when using an Agent you now find yourselfthinking that you’ll sell it yourself and skip the Agent. Let’s take a look at that scenario next. Your first thought is probably “I’ll save all that money and be ahead of the game”! I hate to burst your bubble, but how are you going to get your house in front of prospective buyers? Answer – Marketing! Signs, adds, open house, online/ offline. Then there’s all that Paperwork and Time, can you afford to take time off work? What about the Updates? In short, FSBO is a large investment of Time and Money$! It all ends up being quite time consuming considering your job, the kids ^ schedules! Don’t underestimate it, selling a house yourself is like having a part-time job! Fact is, most FSBO sellers end up using an Agent, and those that don’t percentage wise would never do it again.

But aren’t those my only options?
There is another way!
The  answer… and IT WORKS!!

In every market across the country, people are finding the 3rd option, one that cost you 6% and solves all the headaches of selling it yourself. Guaranteed sale price, and no need to do those expensive repairs or painting : D.I.N.Property Solutions. We have been helping sellers since 2011, commission free and honest. We can Close Fast and get you the money ASAP!

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